Moondog and... Goldfrapp?

It's true! Before Goldfrapp became electronic superstars, Will Gregory was a young musician performing on Moondog's "Sax Pax for a Sax."

“He was playing the drums with us and he had this amazing kind of energy…once he started playing he was leading the whole group from the front." - Will Gregory on Moondog

“Suddenly there was this guy who had lived on the streets with this music and this energy … and this whole alienness, and strangeness and powerfulness, a powerful guy, and it slightly blew our minds!" - Will Gregory

Because of this amazing connection, we would like to offer a new Kickstarter pledge level combo of both the incredible but hard to find "Sax Pax for a Sax" and a signed Goldfrapp album! 

Because "Sax Pax" is so rare, we can only offer FIVE of these combos for now. Please spread the word so that we can hit our goal in 17 days and make this movie!

You can pledge for this reward here.