Halfway through but not halfway there

Moondog fans!

Thank you so much to all those how have supported our Kickstarter campaign so far! If you found the film through word-of-mouth or from some of the amazing articles that have been written up, we are so appreciative that you have given some of your hard-earned money towards getting Moondog's story out into the world.

We only have two weeks left to make this film happen! We are at the critical halfway point but we haven’t yet raised half of our goal amount. We will need your help in our remaining days to circulate the Kickstarter page to as many people as possible who would also like to support our mission. If we don't reach our goal, we can't bring you this amazing movie, and we don't want that to happen.

In addition to sharing the page with your friends and networks, please consider the NEW pledge levels we are introducing today. You can change your backing level at ANY TIME while the campaign is still active.


$35 = MOONDOG PLAYLIST, MOVIE & MORE. You’ll get the exclusive Kickstarter playlist + a high res digital photograph of Moondog taken by his friend and collaborator Stefan Lakatos + Everything from our $25 MOONDOG MOVIE level!

$45 = MOONDOG MUSIC & MOVIE. Choose a CD of More Moondog or Moondog: The Viking of 6th Avenue from our friends at Honest Jons Records. You’ll get A CD signed by the director + A Viking of 6th Avenue postcard + Everything from our $25 MOONDOG MOVIE LEVEL!

$75 = MOONDOG MUSIC & SHIRT COMBO. You’ll get a Viking of 6th Avenue t-shirt specially designed for us by Gnome Enterprises + Everything from our $45 level!

We will be releasing some very limited items during the rest of the campaign, so if you're a collector, keep reading our updates!