We have unearthed a wealth of Moondog related archival material during the making of this film and we’re still hunting down some of the rarer pieces. We want to save lots of surprises for the film but here are a selection of some of our favourite clips. a few of our favourite clips and some extra material.

Moondog Plays the Trimba

Rare footage of Moondog playing the Trimba with Stefan Lakatos.

Moondog and The Big Lebowski

Moondog's Stamping Ground in the Coen Brothers' classic.


Moondog in France by Yves Breux 

Viking of 6th Avenue Short Trailer

Short Trailer


Moondog on French TV

Minisym - Elf Dance

Moondog in Germany

The Viking of 6th Avenue Trailer

First Teaser Trailer


Janice Wong plays Bird’s Lament