A few key members of "Moondog's World"

Hopefully by now you've taken a minute to peek at our "Moondog's World" map of people who collaborated with, were influenced by, or are just very vocal fans of the Viking. As you can see, there are a LOT of stories in there, and it will surely take a whole documentary to cover them!

While we raise funds in order to make the film, here are some select members of Moondog's World to tide you over...

Bob Dylan wrote poetry about Moondog in 1963.

David Bowie described his first memory of New York City as seeing Moondog on 6th Avenue: "One of the guys who worked at Mercury Records, with whom I was under contract at the time, took me over to 54th Street, and there, dressed as a sort of Viking, Moondog stood..."

Blondie have often cited Moondog as an influence, appearing just this week on BBC Radio 6 to play a Moondog track while talking about their new album. 

Elvis Costello invited Moondog to London to play at the 1995 Meltdown Festival. It would be Moondog’s last concert in London, and brought members of the audience to tears.

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