Moondog fans in France

Moondog fans in France you're in for a treat this week with a series of concerts and events in Evreux. There is a tribute to Moondog from Italian trio hobocombo on tomorrow night Tuesday 11th June.

Mardi 11 juin - Evreux (F)
1 avenue Aristide Briand
à 20h30
ouverture des portes 20h

Une soirée autour de Moondog avec :
Département Musiques Actuelles CRD Evreux

They are also doing a workshop on the following day.

Wednesday, 12 June - Evreux (F)
Conservatory of Evreux - département Musiques Actuelles
Workshop on Moondog's music

"Having started as a fun band, Hobocombo (Andrea Belfi on drums, percussion and voice, Rocco Marchi on guitar, synth and voice, Francesca Baccolini on double bass and voice) in fact has become much more than a tribute band to Moondog.

They found their own sound and amuse themselves while reinterpreting Moondog’s songs in an indie pop/rock context, a vision for a general public of our times and perspectives, projecting the positive notes of Moondog.

This is no exploitation of Moondog’s heritage, but a fresh understanding what to do with these songs, Hobocombo’s way. The rather complex but playful rhythms that are slightly repetitive in nature in a pre-minimalist sense are divided into drum rhythms and the pleasant presence of the shakers, and occasionally guitar rhythms or double bass."