I remember tromping through deep snow to go to his cabin

As part of our work on the film we are trying to gather as many newspaper and magazine articles about Moondog as we can find. This is a great one from the Upstate Magazine section of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

In 1970 Steven Knowlton a young journalist just getting into the newspaper business, took a trip up to Owego in Upstate New York to interview Moondog. We tracked him down recently to find out a little more about the trip. 
"I remember tromping through deep snow to go to his cabin. I recall that the snow was really deep, well over the tops of my boots, which were, I suppose, nine or 10 inches high. I spent the better part of a day with Moondog at his cabin. He didn't seem to mind the cold; I did. I got awfully sick after the day, and recall that I took it as something of a rite of passage of my own career that I went into the office the next day running a high fever and cranked out the piece for the magazine before going back to my apartment and going to bed for two or three days. I subsequently moved to Manhattan, where I would see him on Sixth Avenue from time to time at his accustomed street corner."

Thanks to Paul at Pop Wars for reproducing it here.

If you have any articles about Moondog that you'd like to share please message us.