Happy Birthday Moondog!

Today would have been the great man’s 102nd birthday and to celebrate there have been a number of special events around the world. Director Holly Elson was in London to meet Huey Morgan to talk about the film as part of a radio show about Moondog that the musician and DJ is presenting for the UK’s Radio 4 to be aired at the end of May. Holly reflected on the process of making the film and some of the remarkable finds she and the team have made along the way. The show also features a number of those collaborators of Moondog who appear in the film.

Moondog at NYPL

In New York last night, our Producer Lori Cheatle was at the Remembering Moondog <https://www.nypl.org/events/programs/2018/03/15/remember-moondog> evening at NYPL for the Performing Arts to talk about the film. She was joined on stage at the Bruno Walter Auditorium by some of Moondog’s friends and collaborators who also appear in the film. They shared some great stories of working with Moondog during his time in the city. The audience, many of whom remembered Moondog from his time on 6th Avenue, also enjoyed live performances, a reading from his lost play Thor, archival recordings of his poetry, and a reunion of Moondog friends and collaborators. Thanks to Evan Leslie and the team for a great evening! Lori was thrilled to meet so many in the audience who had stories to tell about their encounters with Moondog. It’s not too late to have your stories and archival material included in the project. Please message us here if you have a story to tell or material to share.

Remembering Moondog

Thu, May 17, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

Join the film’s Producer, Lori Cheatle and Moondog’s friends and collaborators for a celebration of all things Moondog! There will be live performances, a reading from his play Thor, archival recordings of his poetry, and a reunion of Moondog friends and collaborators.

Click the link <https://www.eventbrite.com/e/remember-moondog-tickets-43357595736> to book tickets.

Our latest update - from the archives!

Our latest update - from the archives! (For full info see our Kickstarter campaign page).

While we continue work on editing the film we have been into the Moondog archives and unearthed some never before heard Moondog music. The music, which had lain in the archives since Moondog's death, was only available in its original braille score. We have been working closely with the Moondog Estate and the incredibly dedicated Wolfgang to bring this music to the big screen as part of the film's soundtrack. We have a load of exciting stuff planned for the film but we are particularly thrilled to be able to include new Moondog music in his cinematic story. 

ICYM Holly did an interview about the film for Huck magazine - you can check it out here


Moondog Centenery Tribute, by the Lovely and the Wretched in Detroit

Moondog Centenery Tribute, by the Lovely and the Wretched

Friday, December 30th 2016

7.00pm and 8.30pm

Born Louis Thomas Hardin (1916-1999), Moondog performed in the streets of New York for three decades. His unique snaketime music was released on Prestige Jazz and Columbia Records where he became an alternative pop sensation.The Lovely & The Wretched will perform Moondogs music on a variety of instruments.The Lovely and The Wretched formed in 2015 to accompany Biba Bell's choreography during Nick Cave's visit. Arrangements are by Frank Pahl and Clem Fortuna.Joining Frank and Clem are Mary Riccardi, Joel Peterson, Mike Shimmin, Doug Shimmin, Doug Gourlay, Tim Holmes and James La Croix.

More info here:






Moondog Live! Were you there?

We're currently cutting a section of the film that deals with Moondog's performance at BAM in 1989 as part of the Next Wave Festival.

Moondog with some old friends! BAM 1989 © BAM

Moondog with some old friends! BAM 1989 © BAM

Moondog conducted the Brooklyn Philharmonic and they performed some classic Moondog pieces including Good for Goodie, Bird's Lament, Present for Prez, and Stamping Ground. It was a brilliant concert and a star-studded night. We've interviewed a number of people about the concert and have some great audio and photographic archival material but we're looking for some additional archive from the concert, the rehearsals or post concert event. Were you there? Did you see Moondog perform, did you take any photographs or video? If so we'd love to hear from you. Alternatively, if you ran into Moondog around that time in NYC please get in touch with us here. If you don't have archival material but would like to share your recollections of the event we'd also love to hear from you. Please message us via the contact page.

Lyon centenary concert

Photos from yesterday's rehearsals for the Lyon centenary concert.

Les Nuits de Fourvière concert rehearsal with Stephan Eicher, Dominique Ponty & Stefan Lakatos, Stefano Montanari, l'Orchestre de l'Opéra de Lyon w/ Raphaël Imbert & Jean-Philippe Scali, l'Ensemble Minisym, Katia Labèque & Triple Sun
[Photos by Loll Willems]

Moondog at 100!

100 years ago today, in Marysville, Kansas a legend was born! 

His was a life that spanned much of the 20th century and took him from the plains of the Midwest to the streets of New York and on to the concert halls of Europe. Along the way he lived a pretty extraordinary and original life and we're privileged to be telling his story in his centenary year. 


We're celebrating the great man's birthday today with our own Moondog inspired production office shindig and we know that many others all over the world are doing the same. Through the rest of this year there are a series of events and concerts planned by some of those who knew and collaborated with Moondog. There are shows in CopenhagenMunichMünsterRecklinghausenParisLyon, and Brussels to name just a few. 

On Wednesday June 1st at 3pm, the film's Producer Lori Cheatle will be joining Moondog's biographer Robert Scotto for three hours of Moondog music and chat with Irwin Chusid on WFMU 

Other recent radio tributes dedicated to Moondog include BBC's Late Junction and Hear and Now

We'll be keeping you updated on ways to celebrate during the coming months but of course the best way is to play the man's music and to introduce someone new to it today!

"Please take care of my music" 

Moondog aka Louis Thomas Hardin 26th May 1916 - 8th September 1999.