Goodbye David Bowie

"I first came here in 1971. The earliest graphic image I have is of Louis Hardin, better known as Moondog, the legendary boho and musical outsider. One of the guys who worked at Mercury Records, with whom I was under contract at the time, took me over to 54th Street, and there, dressed as a sort of Viking, Moondog stood. Usually he would be playing his strange compositions accompanied on a keyboard or some kind of homemade drums, but not this day. I went for sandwiches and coffee, which we consumed as we sat on the sidewalk. He told me something about his life, and it came home to me only after a while that he was completely blind."
David Bowie speaking in 2003. 

Happy Holidays!

After a very busy summer of filming across the US, Holly is back and we've begun editing the film. 

Along with some great interviews with Moondog's friends, family and collaborators we have gathered yet more unique archive. However, if you have any material that you would like to share with us we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch via the contact page. 

Moondog fans in London

Moondog fans in London: This is happening tonight in Dalston at 8pm!

Nonclassical monthly is back and this Thursday sees the exceptional group CHROMA back at nonclassical after 5 long years! They'll be performing an eclectic program on a minimalist trip: featuring composers such as: Moondog, Gavin Bryars, Michael Nyman, Joby Talbot & more... 
All happening at our new home The Victoria in Dalston. 
Perfect music for a Thursday night (and we'll be going late - so come after fireworks, live music from around 9pm).

moondog concert.jpg


We've been shooting in New York, LA and the West Coast and Arizona. Here's a glimpse behind the scenes. 

Cinematographer Naiti Gámez

Cinematographer Naiti Gámez

Holly, Naiti and AC Scott Drucker preparing for the next interview

Holly, Naiti and AC Scott Drucker preparing for the next interview

Interview in progress

Interview in progress

We continue to gather archival material and if you have any material that you would like to share with us please get in touch. All material will be properly credited. 

If you have any stories or recollections of meeting Moondog or seeing him perform we would love to hear them. Please get in touch via the contact form. 

NYC Filming

We've been shooting a series of interviews in NYC. 

PM Gabriel Sedgwick & DoP Naiti Gámez at Gibson Guitar Studios, NYC

PM Gabriel Sedgwick & DoP Naiti Gámez at Gibson Guitar Studios, NYC

We were very excited to interview someone who hasn't done any on camera interviews for over 25 years and flew into New York specially to talk to us about working with Moondog. All will be revealed in the film!

Ready to Roll

Ready to Roll

We've also discovered over 100 new and never before seen Moondog images which are currently being digitised for inclusion in the film. If you or anyone you know has images of Moondog or other Moondog related archive please get in touch via the contact form. We want to gather as much material as possible so that Moondog tells his own story. 

Sad news

We were very sad to learn of the death last month of Dr Paul Jordan. Paul was a long time Moondog friend and collaborator and was the man responsible for taking Moondog to Germany in 1974. 

We had the pleasure of filming with Paul in New Haven and New York and he was a kind, knowledgeable and very amusing man who remained one of Moondog's great champions. 

Paul was the organist and music director at the United Church on the Green in New Haven, and then a professor of music at Binghamton University, (SUNY) New York for 20 years, where he taught organ, harpsichord, recorder and conducted the University Orchestra. He performed internationally and was an outstanding musician with vast knowledge beyond music, including subjects such as philosophy, history, literature, and politics. 

He is survived by his wife, Xilin Jordan, son, Libai, and brother, Don F. Jordan. Paul Jordan will be laid to rest in the family grave in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to his family.


Vinyl & CDs & New Moondog Archive

Hello Moondog fans!

New Moondog Archive Discoveries!

Since we launched the Kickstarter a number of awesome folks have been in touch to share their Moondog archive. This month we've been gathering some fantastic material in the UK and are having it restored ready to include in the film. We want to gather as much as we can so that Moondog can tell his own story and we are immensely grateful to all those who have shared their material. 

If you have any material to share please get in touch via the contact form.